Our CrossFit program is class-based. Our coaches will guide you through class with the aim to keep you safe, healthy and fitter each day


Matthew Sherburne

Head Coach/Co-Owner

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Mobility Certified, ACSM, M.S. in Exercise Science

How you found CrossFit

After finishing playing college football I looked for another outlet to challenge me both mentally and physically the way football did. I never wanted to be that college athlete that put on 50lb. and then was content living a live of moderate physical activity only to develop chronic preventable disease(s) as I aged. So, luckily, a friend of mine suggested trying CrossFit, I tried it a workout with rope climbs in it, I was terrible at them, but I was determined to be better. The constant challenge of each workout, coupled with how I felt each time I achieved something I had never done before hooked me instantly. As I grow older I realize the power CrossFit has to change your life is immense. Want to be a healthier happy version of yourself? CrossFit is the answer.

Tip for Someone Starting Out?

Just show up. The secret to CrossFit isn't mastering the muscle up or squatting 500lb., the secret is showing up and doing your best every day. Give 100% effort every time and see what happens.


Austin Spencer


CrossFit L1

How you found CrossFit? 

My roommate in college started showing me videos from the 2013 CrossFit games. I was hooked instantly and started my beginners class when we started our winter break.

Tip for Someone Starting Out?

Listen to your body. Take rest days when you think you need them. However, strive to be active every day whether you’re going to the gym or not. 



Caroline Conners

Coach/CrossFit Kids Coach

CrossFit L1, CrossFit Kids

How you found CrossFit?


Tips for Someone Starting Out?

CrossFit forces you to attack your weaknesses, to work harder, and to push yourself to become better at things you probably wouldn’t do otherwise. I never thought of myself to be limitless until I walked into CrossFit MF. For every challenge you face, there’s a handful of fellow athletes cheering you on to fight with everything you have. It’s this community that separates it from your typical gym. You put an awesome group of people in a garage, give em’ some weight to throw around and you get one of the funnest workouts you’ll ever experience. Every day you are challenged and accomplish things you might not have been able to before. Crossfit brings out the full potential in everyone. Plus it’s pretty great to have a badass group of teammates/friends/family that love food as much as you do.

Amanda Smith


CrossFit L1

How you found CrossFit?

Back in 2011, When I found out about crossfit, I was already working out at home. I was really into high intensity workouts. I found the website for MF while I was wandering around the internet and it sounded super interesting so I scheduled a time to come in for an intro workout. I was hooked the first time. I’ve been at MF since then. 

Tip for Someone Starting Out?


-Be intimidated. Everyone there wants you to succeed at your goals no matter what they are or where you’re starting. 

-Compare yourself to others. We all start where we’re at. Don’t expect to be as good as someone who has a completely different background from you. 


-Have fun! Fun = PR’s

-Make friends 

-Be consistent. Consistency is key for results. 

-Ask questions. Utilize all the info your coaches can share with you. That’s what we’re here for!



Chris Farley 

L1 Coach

How I Found CrossFit?

In 2008 the State Police offered a 2 day course call "crossfit." After doing a little research I realized that crossfit is the perfect fitness regime I would need for my career in law enforcement. I was selected and attend the class "level 1". After attending the class I attempted to do crossfit workout and a global gym. Over the course of time I continued to do crossfit style workouts at a global gym. It wasn't until 2013 that I found CrossFit MF that I really feel in love with crossfit. After a few years at CrossFit MF and being asked to help teach the new state police recruits about crossfit, the fitness program they follow during the police academy, I decided to obtain my Level 1 under the new standard. In 2017 I got my level 1 certification.


Tips for someone starting out?

Take a chance. Sometimes the hardest thing we do is taking that first step. Taking that step and coming in is the hardest part. Once you've stepped foot inside the next advice I would have is to attend as many classes as possible. The more classes you take the more people you meet and new friends you will develop. Developing these relationships will help you push when you don't want to and laugh when you are done. Finally I would say take 5 minutes after class to interact with those who you just suffered with. Getting to know those who joined in workout with you will develop lasting relationships that go beyond the gym.