Frequently Asked Questions


○ Do you have showers?

Yes, We do have one shower for members use. Please do your best to keep your shower time to less than 5-minutes.

○ Do you offer punch cards?

We do not offer punch cards.

○ Do you allow drop-ins?

Yes, Drop ins are 100% allowed. The fee is $25 for a 1-day drop-in and $75 for a 1-week drop-in. Please email prior to dropping in.

○ Do I have to do the beginners class

Yes, the Beginners Class is a pre-requistite for any new members. The purpose of this class is to introduce new members to the CrossFit style of training.

○ How do I suspend my membership?

We do allow you to suspend your membership without cancelling. To suspend your membership please email: 1-week prior to the 1st of the month. Members are allowed to hold their memberships 1-time per year.

○ Do I need to be in shape to start CrossFit?

No, you certainly do not need to be in shape prior to starting. When you walk through our doors you will notice ther are varying fitness levels as CrossFit is for everyone. All you need to start is a willingness to work hard and a positive attitude.

○ I don’t know what that movement is, where can I see a demo?

YouTube is an excellent media resources where you can watch demos of almost any CrossFit movement there is.

○ Where can I buy CrossFit equipment?

The best place to buy CrossFit Equipment is Rogue Fitness:

○ Where can I buy some MisFit Gear?

○ Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer discounts