Larry W.

1. Tell us a little about yourself

I’m 52 years old, married to Jane with two children. Haley is soon-to-be an elementary school teacher (and crossfiter!!) and Elijah is a going into his senior year at UNH. I’m a full-time music teacher at Poland Regional High School and part-time music professor at Bates College. I also lead my own band, The Larry Williams Band. Work and play are synonymous modes of living.

2. What made you decide to try CrossFit? 

I was an off-and-on again fitness person. I like to golf, ski and run. I’ve coached high school track, basketball and soccer. I’ve always wanted to find the most efficient way to maximize my fitness potential. Crossfit was never on my radar until I met a few friends who were active Crossfiters and they convinced me to try a sweaty Saturday. I thought I was in shape until I participated in my first AMRAP consisting of pull-ups, burpees and box-jumps. I was in awe after watching men and women my age kicking my butt while I was reduced to a useless jellyfish. I discovered Crossfit MF the following Monday and signed-on for the next beginners class!

3. Can you point to one reason (or more reasons) you've stuck with it?

After three months of consistently going to classes, along with changes in my diet, I felt stronger, energetic and had a positive attitude toward working out. I couldn’t wait to workout! I attribute the change to the community that we have at Crossfit MF, which starts with great coaching. Matt, Caroline, Austin and Amanda are role models who truly walk their talk and share their knowledge openly. They make all levels and ages feel welcome and they pay attention to each person’s specific fitness needs. 
As a teacher, I wanted to learn more about Crossfit methodology, which is why I pursued getting my CF-L1. I can now help others with their progression toward better health while I continue with mine. After three years, the results of Crossfit are clearly measurable both in my physical abilities and overall health. 

4. What advice would you give to someone who's on the fence about starting?

Feeling intimidated, humiliated, and inept are normal emotions when starting. Anyone who says they didn’t feel the same way are lying! Everyone progresses at a different rate, regardless of age and ability. With that said, if someone is on the fence about starting, they need to come to a few sweaty Saturdays to get a sense of the enthusiasm from a one hour class. They also need to meet the people who do Crossfit regularly and ask why they continue to do it. If they come to Crossfit MF, they will most likely meet a member who was once on the fence. Lastly, the community at Crossfit MF is genuine. We truly support and welcome new members. 

5. What accomplishment are you most proud of since starting CrossFit (can be inside or outside the gym)?

I move faster, lift more and work longer at everything I do. 
I’ve lost weight and maintained a healthy weight for the past three years. 
I came in last place in a recent Crossfit competition, and yet I couldn’t be more proud of my abilities to lift, move and work. I train for life, not for trophies.

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