Gym Etiquette


Be on Time

We pride ourselves on running a fun and effective hour-long class. If you show up late to class you are missing a crucial element to our program, the warm-up. A proper warm up is essential for avoiding injury. If you do show up late please warm yourself up and assimilate yourself into class as quickly as you can. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late please wait until the next class.

Leave Your Ego at Home

Humility is a big key to success. Learning to be OK with being humbled, learning to be OK with the occasional failure is something that all athletes need to understand. Instead of striving for perfection, strive for improvement each day. Ego-monsters will not last long here. 

Be Coachable

Our coaches are there to help you. If a coach makes a correction or tells you take some weight of the bar, listen! Everything they're doing for you is aimed at keeping you safe and progressing for years to come. 

Clean Up After Yourself

Make sure you clean up after yourself. Keeping the gym clean is hard work, we absolutely need your help keeping things clean. Put your box away when you take one out. Leave a sweat puddle on the floor? Mop it up. Tear your hands on the pull up bar? Disinfect the bar! We appreciate your help!

Respect the Equipment

We do our best to provide you top-notch equipment so that you can get the best workout possible. We need your help keeping that equipment functioning! Things like dropping bars from overhead or dropping empty bars is not OK. 

Chalk Policy

Chalk at the gym gets treated as the magical dust that makes Fitness-ing possible, we have news for you, it’s not. Please use chalk sparingly and be sure to chalk your hands over the bucket. Blocks of chalk should NEVER leave the bucket. 

Encourage Others

A big part of our community comes from the encouragement of others. No one wants to finish their workout while other people are putting their equipment away. Cheer on your fellow members, everyone has needed that extra push to finish a workout at one point or another.

Introduce yourself to new people

Ever walk into a new place where no one has said hello or introduced themselves? Didn’t it suck? We want to create an atmosphere that people enjoy being in and want to come back. Help us make everyone that walks through our doors feel welcome.

Bringing your kids to the gym

We understand that there are many barriers that prevent people from coming to the gym, and often your kids are a big reason you can't make it. We have two spots at the gym for children. Children who are mature enough to sit up front quietly may remain at the front of the class on the benches. We also have a smaller room for children design to keep your little ones safe while you train. However, unruly children must be dealt with promptly to ensure that everyone coming to the gym can have an enjoyable experience.